Ring of Courage

Fall is my favorite time of year.  The weather is cooling down but not too cold yet.  Holidays are just around the corner.  Really happy time for me and those I’m close to.

This year,  however, is different.  A friend who I spent a decade of my life with.  Giggling for hours without a care in the world is fighting for her life with stage 4 cancer,  she is just 47.

I know we all will have our time to go.  We all have our purpose.  But knowing doesn’t fix the hurt, the pain.

We haven’t been close in the past few years and even some conflict and dirty deeds laid roadblocks at any chance of reconciliation.  I truely wish we had not spent the short amount of time that we had together on this earth in conflict.

A ring of courage surrounding this person and you are being wished nothing less than a miracle.  You are being sent much love and wishes for healing from many people who love you no matter what.

If you leave this earth,  hold your head high knowing you left behind many people who love you and hope to see you on the other side.

Love always,

Suzi and Mom